Kitchen Solutions

By kitchen engineer, Rory Hanley

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Remix Consulting was developed by its principal, Rory Hanley, to assist clubs and pubs with their kitchen and catering operations.

Uniquely specialising in kitchen solutions for:





Your kitchen engineer

Rory has 32 years of hands on experience in over 25 registered clubs as both a successful contract caterer and catering consultant in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

He brings with him a knowledgeable and thorough understanding of the nature of Club and Pub food requirements. He understands the process of creating a point of difference and maximising existing infrastructure.

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How it works

Objective – To observe the catering operation across all relevant areas and compile a report noting efficiencies, deficiencies and solutions in regard to;

The report will provide overall analysis of both financial and operational systems. Direct and concise recommendations will be outlined.

The report will be direct, concise and applicable to the site.